Clickfunnels PayPal Plugin is not shown

I have followed the 14 step routine for using Funnelish to implement Paypal on my Clickfunnels funnel, and unfortunately the Paypal option does not seem to be showing up on my Order Form. Could somebody help me out here please?

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Hi @eoin, welcome onboard the community,

Where did you find that 14 step routine? or do you mean this:

PayPal not being visible (or any other app) usually means it was not connected properly, either:

  1. Step 1: Adding your Clickfunnels funnel to Funnelish tutorial wasn’t followed properly, (maybe wrong step URL?)

  2. Or, Step 2: Copying your Funnelish tracking code to your Clickfunnels funnel tutorial wasn’t followed properly. Maybe a broken code was copied or not copied at all?

  3. Or, Step 3: Turning on your Funnelish Apps tutorial wasn’t followed properly, Maybe turned the app under global /Apps but didn’t turn it on under Funnel > Apps?

By the way, I’ve moved your post into a new topic just in case anyone else faces the same problem.

Let me know if the above does not help, also you can always reach out to the in-app chat support :slight_smile: