Clickfunnels Pricing

How is the pricing of ClickFunnels structured?
As far as I know they have two plans Etison costing $299/mo, and Basic costing $99/mo.

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Clickfunnels has a bit more plans and packages than the ones promoted. They tend to promote the Basic Plan ($97/mo) and the Etison Suite ($297/mo) only, but they have at least 4 more un-promoted plans that you can benefit from. Which I personally suggest you do take a look at. Below you’re going to find a breakdown of the ClickFunnels Pricing, alongside what each plan has to offer:

Inactive Account Plan $9.99/mo

Even most ClickFunnels’ users, don’t know this plan exists at all (well… after all, why would they need it, they don’t have time for such thing, they are busy building funnels and selling stuff. :smiling_imp: ).

The Inactive Account Plan is useful if you got suddenly busy. And/Or want to take some time to build your funnels without paying the full monthly fee. Once you are ready to go just switch from Paused to Active, and start sending traffic towards your funnels. The Inactive Account Plan costs $9.99 per month.

Standard Plan $97/mo

The lowest active plan possible provides quite enough functionality to get your fit dirty with funnels, but you won’t benefit from the power of the almighty Actionetics, If you don’t know what Actionetics is, I’m sharing a wiki article on it later on.

Clickfunnels’ Standard Plan, Allows you to have up to 20 active funnels (trust me you don’t need that many funnels), with up to 100 pages (you don’t need that many pages either). and it’s limited to 20K unique visitors per month.

You might be thinking 20K visitors per month is probably not enough, I did a bit of maths on the last section, to let you know really what should your numbers look like, and believe it or not you’ll be generating at least $25,000 net profit on a monthly basis when selling the right product and doing it correctly of course, before crossing the 20K visitors limit.

Professional Plan $197/mo

This is probably the most useful plan ClickFunnels has to offer for medium marketers (aka, ones who can barely afford it). It allows having either BackPack or Actionetics, alongside everything the Basic plan has, plus all other limitations increased by 200% (double traffic, double sales funnels and double pages) as well as allowing up to two concurrent SMTPs on the same account.

When using Actionetics, you literally need no more AutoResponder. As Russell Brunson said, Auto Responders are of the past, now it’s time for Actionetics.

Actionetics in simple words is just a new way to understand your customers (leads) behavior, and offer them relevant emails, thus increasing your conversion rates at the backend. If sales funnels are built to drive sales at the front end, then Actionetics, is your backend engine that does the same on the backend for you.

Backpack, on the other hand; Is an automation pack for your affiliates. It’s really great when trying to move to the next level and start getting affiliates to sell your own products, either through CPA offers or through some other affiliate network such as JVZoo or Clickbank.

Etison Suite $297/mo

This Plan has everything you need to make millions (per month) unless you have that goal, I won’t advise to get it. It has too many features and capabilities and absolutely no limits. When using the Etison Suite the sky is the limit. Though it’s a great plan, I highly recommend for anyone new to ClickFunnels to start with their 97$ Standard plan, and then upgrade from there as you progress.

Elite Plan $997/mo

Well, If you’ve been with Clickfunnels since the beginning I am sure you’ve never heard of this plan, the $997/mo plan, (though the name Elite I just named it that way, as mostly it has no official name).

This plan was ultimately built, for Multi-Millionaires and those running multiple businesses through Clickfunnels, It allows basically having up to 9 SMTP configurations on a single account, Plus everything Etison suite has. alongside an account manager, on demand funnels (also included in the Etison Suite) in other words, you can literally ask Clickfunnels team to build you, your own custom funnels for your own products. :flushed:.

Let’s See What You Can Do With Clickfunnels (Some Numbers)

Let’s say you are investing into Facebook Ads (if you aren’t, you must be crazy) and you are getting unique visitors to your sales funnel for 0.3$/each (which is very reasonable cost, you must be getting much lower cost clicks if you know what you are doing).

Assuming that your funnel has the four common steps Optin --> Order Form --> Upsell 1 --> Thank You. And their conversion rates break down being something as follows:

Optin Converting at 30% Optin Rate P.S. 30% is the standard's lowest optin rate
Order Form Converting at 20% Purchase Rate P.S. This one really depends, on many factors (Price, Targeting, Sales Copy...etc)
Upsell 1 Converting at 10% Take Rate Same factors as the above

Taking the numbers above into consideration, here is a little breakdown of income generated, assuming that you are selling (the easiest) Free + Shipping offer (Book, or some physical product). With $2 profit on the front end and $8 profit at the first upsells (without even taking into account the sales you MUST be generating at the backend funnels. Plus other Upsells you can have).

Total Ad Spend Visitors Optins Sales Upsells Total Income Net Profit
$100 333 Visitors 100 Leads 67 Sales 33 Upsell Takes $398 $298
$1000 3333 Visitors 1000 Leads 670 Sales 330 Upsell Takes $3980 $2980
$10000 33333 Visitors 10000 Leads 6700 Sales 3300 Upsell Takes $39800 $29800

As you can see, after the initial $100, all I did was adding some extra trailing zeros and the numbers were stable. So If I’m selling that kind of product and can invest $100 (or even much less) into Ads per month, then I should be able to pay for Clickfunnels from the Net Profit, I’m generating from it. Thus; Clickfunnels is really paying itself by itself.

From the table above, You can notice that you only need 3333 Visitors in order for you to make enough net profit to afford to pay for Clickfunnels’ full Elite Plan which is the top thing you can get.

Thus really the $97 plan or the $197 Pro Plan, are quite sufficient if you take your job seriously. After all, Clickfunnels doesn’t pose any limitations on the number of contacts or users you can have on your Actionetics package, thus saving you from getting any 3rd party software as your autoresponder.


Clickfunnels is quite affordable at their current pricing structure, but yet it’s not recommended for you if you aren’t making or willing to make any net profit on a monthly basis.



Hi @James, thanks for sharing that very detailed explanation, just I think it’s missing the how to join any of those plans. for example, at the moment I am looking to join the $197 Professional Plan, but couldn’t find it listed anywhere, are you sure your plans above are up to date?

You should be contacting support, as I’ve mentioned in the post Professional plan is not being promoted officially by Clickfunnels. You can get it only this way:

  1. Grab you free Clickfunnels 14 Days Trial.

  2. Preferably pick the Etison Elite Full Suite as your trial pack, so you can explore all the functionality for 14 days for free.

  3. Clickfunnels will make sure to notify you before charging you at the end of the 14 days trial.

  4. Make sure to contact chat support through the chat popup (from within your account)
    Clickfunnels Chat Support Popup Button

  5. Ask them to refer you to a billing support agent.

P.S. Please make sure that you are contacting them during a business day, even though the support is 24/7 available, the billing agents are only available from Monday to Friday during business hours.

  1. Ask the billing agent, to downgrade your account to the Professional Plan.

That’s all you need to do :stuck_out_tongue: