Clickfunnels Recurring Payments setup


This is what I want to do:

I sell a product through both Stripe and Paypal. Its $297 or 3 x $110 installments.

I have everything set up except I cant figure out how to create the Paypal product with the installment plan inside Clickfunnels???

Please help.

Hi Corey,

Sorry for the late reply, (holidays :partying_face:)

Actually, you only need to create a sample product inside Clickfunnels as a PayPal product, with the first month (or any cycle) purchase value, because that product is only used to track the initial purchase alone, CF never tracks any subsequent purchases at all and doesn’t support them, so just make it look like a normal product inside Clickfunnels 3rd party section that’s enough to make it work.

Best regards :wink: