Clickfunnels to shopify - only sending paypal order

The integration works, but it’s only creating paypal orders on my shopify store and not stripe orders.

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Hi @jamescuffey,

In that case, I believe the problem is that Funnelish is not tracking your Stripe orders in the first place. That’s, however, is very easy to fix, just try this:

  1. Under your Funnel > Settings (in Funnelish), there you can find a “CLICKFUNNELS WEBHOOK URL (RECOMMENDED) just copy that URL.

  2. Go to your Clickfunnels’ Funnel > Settings > Webhooks > “Manage Your Funnel Webhooks” .

  3. Click “New Webhook” and past the URL you copied in the URL box and select “All Events” as the EVENT.

  4. Select JSON as the “ADAPTER” and press “Create Funnel Webhook” .

  5. That’s really it, Just one last thing, make sure your product names in Clickfunnels match the ones in Funnelish.

Your Stripe orders should appear under Funnel > Orders in Funnelish after following the above steps, thus, your Stripe orders will be synced to Stripe and any other automation you have in Funnelish will be triggered as well.

Hope that helps, do let me know how it goes :wink:

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Thanks - I just needed to make sure the funnelish and Clickfunnel product names were the same. One more issue - upsells and order bumps for stripe aren’t creating an order. They are for PayPal though.

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Not sure what you mean there, do you mean that your Stripe order bump and OTOs are not being tracked in Funnelish as orders? or PayPal ones aren’t?

If it’s for Stripe I believe the Order bump will be shown on the same order as the main product that was bought (click on an order to expand it and see if it has an order bump or not). As for OTOs those should’ve been shown as independent orders, but can you double-check your product names (maybe have some extra blank spaces or something) if that’s not the case do contact us at [email protected] and provide your order form URL and refer to this thread and we’ll take it from there.

Hope that was helpful,

Hi samlee, just 2 points and I’m not sure why it’s doing this:

1 - The PayPal upsells work fine (upsell subscription and upsell one-time purchase). However, the stripe upsell one-time purchase creates an order in Shopify, but the stripe upsell subscription doesn’t create an order. Why is this?

2 - A LOT of my customers have been saying they haven’t received the order confirmation email from Shopify. Basically, when a new order is created in Shopify they should receive an order confirmation email with their order number. My customers aren’t getting this email. Any ideas?

Many thanks,