Conditional Upsell/Downsell depending on product bought?

First. note: I’m using Funnelish Plus builder (not clickfunnels).

On my checkout I offer bundles: get 1, get 2 and get 3.
How can I set up an Upsell/Downsell which is only shown to people who bought 1, but not 2 nor 3 packages?

Essentially I want to set up a subscription Upsell, but don’t want to show it to people who bought more than one.

This “conditional Upsell” would be No3 upsell. Meaning I already have 1 Upsell, and 1 Downsell set up which I want everyone to see.

But the 3rd Upsell I only want people who bought just 1 unit to see.

Hopefully that makes sense.

How could I achieve this?