Connect Funnelish to Orderlytics

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I just spoke with Eric - he is the founder of Orderlytics.

I told him about Funnelish and how great it would be to have both you guys connect via API or whatever it is you guys connect through :).

I think this is a must feature for everyone doing larger volumes.

Bulk CSV has a bunch of downfalls:

  1. Orders are not going through AliExpress (1 by 1) - we don’t get the benefits / protection that Aliexpress gives us if orders are not delivered, etc.
  2. Tracking #'s are not automatically updated through AE, Orderlytics does this by sending automated ‘order has been shipped’ emails with tracking #'s.
  3. Order processing time is much longer when doing bulk CSV vs orderlytics
  4. Whoever is fulfilling the bulk CSV (supplier) can make mistakes as it’s not going through AE
  5. Orderlytics does the order fulfillment automatically - no need to organize spreadsheets and give them to the supplier.
  6. Suppliers have days off too. So if they’re taking time off and MIA for a while, all the sudden customer gets their order in 1 month+ via e-packet.

So please consider this option.

I think the future really is Clickfunnels + Funnelish + Orderlytics…

Everyone already knows how much better CF is than Shopify :).

Please contact Eric to integrate with his software, he wants to work with you guys!



Just noticed you guys already got in touch below.

Really excited for this, thanks!

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That’s good @mfilev I will talk to Eric and see if we can set some kind of API :slight_smile: if it’s good for our users will certainly do it…

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Hey just checking back on this feature :slight_smile:

I think this will be the best one yet!!

It will help us test so many funnels without worrying at all about fulfilling the orders.

Massive win !

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Absolutely @mfilev, We just added this feature request to our todo list, but unfortunately our platform needs some “tweaks” before it can accommodate this new integration hope we can do it within this month, that being our primary goal… as we have some other updates that are waiting to get rolled out first :slight_smile:

Great news!! :slight_smile:

Once this feature gets rolled out, order fulfillement will be 100% automated!

Orderlytics orders the products in AE, pays for them automatically, and also sends out shipping emails with tracking #'s. I am very impressed with them!!

We won’t need to push the orders to Shopify at all.

There won’t be any need to download CSV’s, use zapier, do bulk CSV (which often has very delayed shipping).

All we would need is a VA to check the orders in Orderlytics to make sure they go through (mine have been working very well)

CF, funnelish & orderlytics is the way to go!!

PS. I’m using for the order notifications, if you can improve your notifications and get it as good as theirs it would be one less app your customers need!

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

We are doing really well!

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Amazing @mfilev, We’ll do best we can :slight_smile:

For our proofy app, we’d love to hear your recommendations or ideas so we can improve it :wink:

What should we improve? Can you start a new topic and tell us in a detailed manner what needs to be done and we will make sure to do it :slight_smile:

Hello @mfilev,

Check your products under Automation in Funnelish :wink:

Phew :sweat_smile: it took quite a bit of time to get it fully done and tested but there you have it and it seems to work smoothly, feel free to let us know about any bugs, issues or other feature requests you might have :slight_smile: