Connecting Paypal into 1-Step Clickfunnels Order Forms with an Infusionsoft Integration

Hey guys,

I’d like to offer Paypal payments on my 1-step CF order forms that are integrated with Infusionsoft (products).

I’m extremely new to Funnelish and was wondering whether anyone can point me in the right direction for the FAQs on how to do the technical setup / feedback whether this is possible.

Also, our checkout flow contains an upsell after the 1-step order form is submitted. I read that the upsells would still work if someone pays via Paypal. Just checking whether this is true as well?

Thanks & apologies in advance if I’m coming off a bit green,

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Hi Jesse,

Your setup can be done easily using Funnelish, and we’ll be happy to assist you as much as needed, just contact our support at [email protected] and you’ll get assigned an agent who’s going to work with you in person over chat or over screenshare to get your setup done perfectly…

Don’t worry if you are new to Funnelish, we’ll be assisting you as much as you need,