Could Not Find Payment Information / Submitting Forever / Paypal V1 not working

Hey Team,
I am new to Funnelish and came to you guys through Peter Pru’s video. I’ve followed his video to the dot yet somehow I always get “Could Not Find Payment Information” at checkout with Paypal. On rare occasion it also submits forever and nothing happens.

This happens to me with V2. When I turn on V1 instead, there is no Paypal option available on checkout at all.

I installed the header script to the whole funnel and created a product with webhook to connect with Funnelish. I created the funnel and OTO pages and everything… What am I missing?

Btw, I am using a 2-Step-Order for a product and later there are OTOs as well.

I would really appreciate any help on this :grinning:


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Hey @Vince268,

Welcome to Funnelish, So I believe your case is super easy to solve :slight_smile: both cases are just mis-configured.

Let me first start with v1, That’s actually because mostly you accidently disabled PayPal at checkout :slight_smile:

You need to enable PayPal by:

  1. Going to Apps > PayPal Plugin > Settings .
  2. Look under Gateways Mostly you’ll see that PayPal is disabled.
  3. Enable both gateways,
  4. Save changes.

Now for PayPal App v2.
The fact that it’s not proceeding means that you didn’t setup any gateway at all :slight_smile:
Follow this article to setup your gateways first, you can setup sandbox and live gateways and keep switching them as you need.

Hope that helps, Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or found any bugs :wink:

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I think Funnelish should have more verbose error reporting, letting users know when they’ve made a mistake or what’s going wrong…etc! @yassine

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Hi Yassine and thanks for your reply.
I have managed to get everything working by setting up the gateways as described in your instructions.

I am now currently testing my funnel using a sandbox gateway. I have a product page with an order bump and 5 OTO pages. I see another issue.

Throughout the OTOs it always redirects to Paypal for re-confirmation for every upsell/downsell. I hope this isn’t normal. How can I fix this?

Ps. do you guys have a documentation explaining and instructing how to use Funnelish in all ways?

I think Peter Pru’s tutorial video is also a little outdated right? Because as I have noticed it isn’t necessary to add products in the general settings, but rather in the order form page. Nor is it necessary to create extra products combining order bumps with every single other product as Peter describes in his video as well.

Just asking so I know I am on the right track with setting up my Funnel correctly.

Thanks again!

Also, by the 3rd OTO page it doesn’t redirect to the Sandbox Paypal but is suddenly logged out again and is on my live paypal. Strange because the entire funnel is set to my sandbox… Any ideas how I can solve this issue as well?


Sorry to bug you with all these questions. But I am also having the issue that Paypal purchases don’t show up in my Clickfunnels SALES section. is this because I am using Sandbox or it generally doesn’t show?

That’s a MUST PayPal requires the payment to be confirmed in their own secure pages which is very normal!!! unless you can afford a military grade PCI compliant website then good luck acquiring that through the funnel…
There is a limited feature known as “Reference Transactions” but that’s not available to everyone and PayPal doesn’t approve everyone to use it.

True! Funnelish is being updated very often and a tutorial made couple weeks ago, won’t be that much relevant now :smiley: hope there is something we can do in the upcoming days.

Many parts from @pruspeter video are still relevant…

Yes you don’t have to do the tracking part anymore, ONLY if you intend to track your sales from within Funnelish itself! without spending time doing the linking… but it’s still relevant and should work…

All changes made to Funnelish Apps, are backward compatible unless otherwise stated somewhere.

That’s probably because you’ve been inactive for a long time till your PayPal session expired! I don’t think it will take your customers 30-60mins+ to go through an entire funnel no matter how long it is.
Though even if logged out, it should work the same after relogin.

PayPal App v2, doesn’t track sales within Clickfunnels for the time being :slight_smile:
As Clickfunnels doesn’t support Cart mode unfortunately!
Will see if there is anything that can be done.

By the way @Vince268, better keep each thread for a specific issue/subject that makes tracking the issues and solving them on a timely manner very efficient :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks again for your great answers. I will keep each thread specific from here on out but answer here for simplicities sake now :slight_smile:

If Clickfunnels doesn’t register Paypal sales from Funnelish, does that also mean therefore that:
A) Clickfunnels will not send automation emails using the “purchase” trigger when a customer checks out with Paypal?
B) That Zaps to Google sheets won’t work? (I am using the Zap to add new ClickFunnels orders to Google Sheets)

Also I was wondering what the difference is between single-checkout, multicheckout options, etc. in the Paypal settings.

Thanks again Yassine! Hope to see the documentation go up soon as to make your job and our job easier :slight_smile:

Temporarily yes (for PayPal App v2) till we figure out a way to get orders tracked within Clickfunnels… (you can send purchase automations from within Funnelish and that’s our end goal tbh, as it will remove so much complexities and bugs, and we’ve had really many annoying cases where in Clickfunnels 1 out of 50-100 orders isn’t tracked properly! which is not acceptable in a world where PayPal App v2 would be used (Ecommerce especially when scaling up).

That too will be done from within Funnelish Apps hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Single checkout is checking out using the normal method Clickfunnels uses, users won’t be able to select more than 1 item to buy and 1 quantity only.
Multi-checkout It will allow your users to select multiple products to buy, but one out of each product.
Multi-Quantity It will allow your users to select a quantity to buy out of each product, you can set a minimum quantity from 0 to 10.

Hope that helps clear your questions :slight_smile:

Hey Yassine, Sorry to say it is the 3rd time now that it happens though. and it happens in a matter of seconds (I am not waiting 30 minutes between OTOs when testing :slight_smile:)).

What happens is that I am testing with Sandbox Paypal and everything is fine. But at some point between my up/downsells it is logged out again and I am having to log back in. The logging in is only half the issue though because suddenly it is my Live Paypal and not the Sandbox. Happens in seconds so I am sure it’s not the long break. And even a log out does occur, it shouldn’t be switching to my Live Paypal at least.

Even though it is Sandbox, this is a little worrisome for continuance during customers purchases. Any ideas why it’s happening?

Thanks again,

I have no idea why that happens, especially if it keeps changing to live account!

Can you PM me all the links, Order form and OTOs in which it happens…

Also is there any pattern or something identifiable?