Create a Zap for Zapier and google sheets!


I see that Paypal sales aren’t registered in Clickfunnels unfortunately. This also means that the Zap to add new Clickfunnels purchases to Google sheets doesn’t happen for Paypal purchases (As they don’t show in CF).

So I was wondering if you guys could have a Zap set up between Funnelish and Zapier using an API. This way we could at least add Paypal purchases to the same google sheet along with all the other clickfunnels purchases.

Yeah we are working on some sort of zapier integration,
nevertheless you can get your orders tracked within Clickfunnels! which app are you using PayPal Plugin or PayPal v2?

And if Zapier is needed urgently then maybe connect it directly to your PayPal account! shouldn’t that work in your case?

Hey that would be great. I am using v2. Should I switch to v1 for my funnel? Is it as simple as flipping the switches in the funnel settings?

Yeah I thought of a Paypal zap! But it seems Paypal doesn’t record the shipping/contact address, only the amount paid and email.

Yes, in that case probably PayPal v1 is your best bid, and yes it’s just a matter of switching one on and another off, under “Funnel” > Settings.

Just don’t forget to SAVE your changes afterwards hh!

PayPal App v1 allows tracking orders from within Clickfunnels, while v2 doesn’t at least as of yet.

But keep in mind, v1 is limited in terms of quantities, and multi checkout… and those limitations are what prevents us from linking v2 to Clickfunnels since Clickfunnels DOES NOT support cart mode for PayPal sales tracking! making our only possible solution is supporting better orders tracking and zapier from within Funnelish itself.