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Hi there,

We’re trying to run an OTO for a client of our which is a medical spa. We have a service on the landing/sales page with a form at the bottom to fill out. Once they fill it out it should send them to an OTO page where we have an offer with a “yes” or “no” button.

Since this service requires a consultation, our client is not taking any online payments. Instead, this is essentially a user inquiring for a special offer and selecting a date that they’d like to get this service done. After they click submit they’ll get to the OTO page.

If they click “yes” it will add the OTO to their “order” and send the admin an email notifying them that someone has inquired for this special + the one time offer.

If they click “no” it will send the admin an email notifying them that they only inquired for the special.

Is there any way to do this without requiring a credit card or creating a product?

Any help would be appreciated.

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That’s certainly doable, just have to look at it from different prospective… Instead of using real OTO pages and Order forms, just use normal page or better yet just Optin pages throughout the entire funnel.

When a customer picks Yes or No you can make it as a radio or a checkbox button from Clickfunnels and once they hit submit the submitted details will have Yes or No as their value. Then you can do something through Zapier to read that value and send the appropriate notification email to your admin. You could get Zapier connected with both Clickfunnels and SendGrid or perhaps ActiveCampaign. It certainly can be done just takes some thinking outside of the box.

Hope that helps @vdotk.

Thanks for the help, @samlee!

Our web developer figured it out. He decided to go with a survey option which provides pretty much a similar functionality for what we’re looking for. You were right, we just needed to think about it outside the box.

Much appreciated!