Creating article style review block

Hi, I was wondering how I can create the dark grey bar to the left? Was told I would need a CSS element called border-left.

I was able to replicate the block part with a container with a paragraph + image + paragraph.

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Also wondering to take it a step further how I could create one like this with the quotation mark synmbol:

Appreciate any input!

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I did that with a paragraph block and adding a gray border that only exists for the left side


Hi @vtheg832,
You can clone the following funnel and open it in the editor using the share link below.
Funnel share link: (funnelish).
Next, you can save the container as an asset for reuse in any future project.

The design above was reached by following these simple steps:

1- Add a container.

Give the container a 10 px border-left, then give it a background color like so:

The final result would be something like this:

2- Add all the elements inside the container:

Hit the plus icon and add the following elements:

  • The quotes are an image of 30px width and with a margin of 10 px left.
  • Next is a paragraph element with a margin of 20px left, and a line height of 1.5.
  • The stars are an image of 100px width and margin-left of 30px.
  • Next another paragraph with 20px margin-left.

Let us know how it goes,

Fey @Funnelish.

Amazing! This worked. Thank you!

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