Credit card form doesn't show up when not set to stripe in clickfunnels!

Hey guys, noob here. Just got funnelish for clickfunnels.

I ran into a problem where the credit card form on an order page dissapears if I set the product’s billing to paypalv2 instead of stripe.

The option to select payment by card is there, but when I hit submit it says “missing purchase”. My paypal option works fine though.

The reason why I don’t want to use stripe for a payment gateway is because it doesn’t create an order in “orders” and some reason clickfunnels doesn’t carry the shipping address into stripe.

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I honestly don’t know what you mean!

So I believe you are talking about the new CF’s PayPal v2 integration, which is not yet supported with Funnelish, in case you want to use Funnelish own PayPal option you can use it directly… alongside Stripe.

And Stripe sales should’ve been shown under Orders I believe…

Ah, is it possible to have a credit card form on clickfunnels order page but be billed through paypal and not through stripe?

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Yes you mean using PayPal alone? You can go under /Apps > PayPal Plugin > Settings and uncheck the Credit Card option, that should be sufficient. But why would you want to keep PayPal alone?

No. If possible, we want ONLY a credit card form to show up on the 2 step order (sales-squeeze page) with no paypal button, but we still want the transaction to be processed through paypal because of how user friendly it is.

We didn’t like the 40 cent refund fee deduction on stripe, so we decided to switch to paypal.

Also, we ran into an issue where the 2 step order form on click funnels would not transfer the shipping/billing address to stripe properly.

I also want the same thing on my order page. I can’t use stripe since it is not supported in my country. I can only use paypal…

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Has anyone answered this question. I have the same problem