Currency code with Paypal Plugin


I have a problem with the motto.
here appears the dollar while I would like the euro.
How to do ?

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Hi @jmecoach,

So that issue is apparently caused by a 3rd party plugin (code) you are using :slight_smile: our Paypal plugin doesn’t interfere with your order summary. unless you are using the Fancify App which adds the “order total” to your summary as well, and fancify’s the Order bump and the products as well… making them more “functional”.

just please make sure to disable any previous code related to that area :slight_smile:

Hi Yassine,

In the HEAD TRACKING CODE, I have the facebook pixel.
That’s all. it’s this one ?

hmmm! really!!! :flushed:
even within your “funnel step” head tracking code! then are you using our “Fancify” app, since it’s the only one that can add the “Total” to your order summary… but as far as I remember it shows “Total” not “Order Total”…unless of course you translated it!

That’s the translation I made. Is not that right?
In the head tracking, I have the pixel facebook, the plugin code and the code of the French translation of the plugin.
I just checked, this is good now.
I move on to the OTO page.
See you soon,

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I do a test here:

When I validate the payment by credit card, it turns in the vacuum…

what should I do ?

Have a good day

I’ve tested the given page, and can certainly see that the plugin itself works just fine!!!
But Credit Card checkout isn’t… that poses a question! Is that same funnel working already without the plugin?

Few times I’ve encountered times where funnels aren’t working with/without the plugins. so just “disable” the plugin and test it out again… if it works without the plugin then we can move to next step and try to figure out why… though for now it seems just fine :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


Where does the script code come from? in the head? What if we put him in the body?

Apparently, I have a conflict with the facebook pixel …

See you soon

hmm our app never uses any custom coding at all :confused: all you do is connect your funnel to the app through a little code once and forget about it.

Generally, my question was is your funnel working already without the apps? if it isn’t then it’s a CF issue should contact CF support before connecting our apps :slight_smile:

But if it works, we can then move to the next phase which is checking for any 3rd party codes, I assume you are trying to use CF protools plugin or something along side our apps on the same order form which is quite impossible in most cases.

Please do not confuse our apps with any custom codes you get from 3rd parties, our Apps never conflict with Facebook Pixel or any other custom codes you might have, but in case you are using two different codes in order to modify/improve a single area it’s going to pose an issue certainly…

Your issue as far as I can see is so easy to solve, simply remove any 3rd party codes you don’t need.

hope that helps!