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Detailed Product Description in Checkout

Hey, I would like to add a detailed bullet point to each product in the checkout step. Right under the name of the product that I circled in the screenshot

Is that possible and how? :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi @alexisdavidson,

Awaiting Funnelish’s Full support of such a feature, here is a tutorial to help you attach any element (literally any element) to the bottom of your product title (e.g a product description).

1. Adding the JS Custom Code.

Head to Custom Code > Custom JS (Body) then paste the following code:

    var bullets = document.querySelectorAll('.bullet');
    var products = document.querySelectorAll('.pl-item .pl-nvalue');
    products.forEach( (x,i) => {

2. How To Use.

Now that you have added the JS code above to your page, you just need to create an element inside your Funnlish Editor (a paragraph, a container with paragraphs inside, images, absolutely anything).
Here is an example where I added a paragraph to my order page:

Later on, Just head to Advanced then add a CSS class name ‘bullet’, and then the element will be added right under the product’s title.


PS: any Element you create inside the editor with a class ‘bullet’, shall be added to the product list in the same order as your elements.

Here is another example where we append an image, a Link, and a paragraph under the product title.

By adding the class: ‘bullet’ to each of those Elements you will get this as a result:

Hope that helps you achieve what you want,