Difference between Paypal App V1 & V2?


What is the difference between the two.

Which one is easier to set up and works better?

Is there some sort of a guide on V2 as I tried searching but found nothing useful.

Would appreciate your input.

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It’s about time to answer that :slight_smile:

PayPal Plugin (aka V1)


  • Easy to setup, as long as you have your PayPal email/ID in your profile or Funnel payments will get processed.

  • Supports subscription plans (memberships).

  • Battle-field tested, it’s the app that started everything we do now! So it’s the oldest, the most used (that doesn’t usually mean the best tho for every case)!, But more than $1.5million was processed through it (only in tracked sales) non-tracked ones only God knows Huh! :joy::sweat_smile:

  • Can track sales made through it in Clickfunnels.


  • Doesn’t support multi-quantity and multi-checkout (aka cart mode).

  • Requires tweaking your PayPal Account in order to get almost perfect 1-click upsells.

  • Might be deprecated soon by our internal team and switching soon to the V2, (ie. V2 will be receiving most of our efforts long term). Even if deprecated, that shouldn’t affect existing funnels, thus, keep using it if it makes most business sense.

PayPal App V2


  • Super fast Upsells clickthrough, Customers are redirected to the next page/OTO FAST!

  • You don’t need to tweak your PayPal account settings for instant OTOs.

  • Multi-quantity and Multi-checkout.

  • E-commerce friendly, and there are plans to add seller protection which you guys asked for :wink: , (ie. you can track your customers address, orders fulfillment, tracking numbers and whole a lot of ecom stuff from within funnelish).

  • Easy sandbox/testing mode, with no real transactions, you can make actual transactions to test your entire funnel before going live.

  • Easy switching between PayPal accounts/Gateways, you know the biggest struggle with gateways is getting suddenly shut down or getting your funds held hostage, well with this App, you can “instantly” switch to another PayPal account on the fly! thus spreading your risk, and your income through as many accounts/gateways as you can without having to change ANYTHING on your funnel or settings.


  • No subscription plans (membership) Yet! (PayPal doesn’t allow for memberships to be bought in cart mode, and we are currently working on finding a workaround to that).

  • A bit harder to setup! the first time, You need to set up a PayPal gateway first, but you can re-use it over and over and over again, for ALL your funnels (so it’s a two-sided sword).

  • Does NOT track sales in Clickfunnels, unfortunately, Clickfunnels doesn’t track cart mode sales, so we didn’t even bother tracking non-cart mode sales for this app…
    Though that can be a MASSIVE PLUS! as it will remove all that tracking setup overhead, and have all your orders tracked just fine, by Funnelish and automation’s fired from the same place! with very high accuracy.

Hope that helps you make better decision when to use PayPal App v2 or V1, it all depends on your use case, and certainly if V2 doesn’t make most business sense to you at the moment, we are sure it will in the near future, as that’s where all our development efforts are focused right now.