Do I need a custom domain to publish my Clickfunnels funnel?

I have an issue I can’t figure it out…

Do I have to use my own public domain to publish my funnel in clickfunnels?

When I try to preview my funnel it says…

“DNS domain error.”

Probably something really simple but I can’t figure it out. Any help would be great!


Short answer is No, you don’t have to use a public domain name in order to be able to preview or to even share your own Clickfunnels funnel.

I’ve seen some of the biggest experts using Clickfunnels that are still promoting their stuff (products, services…etc) using clickfunnels own sub domain…

Something like:

As for the error you are getting about DNS, that means your DNS configuration is wrong.

You should follow Clickfunnels instructions to correctly setup a domain name for your funnel using cloudflare.

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Go to your Account > Setup > Custom Domains and add a domain name or subdomain name as you wish.

Follow these steps:


  2. Click "Add New Domain"

  3. Click "Use An Existing Domain"

  4. You have the option to either use “Automatic Setup” which is the easiest. or you can use “Manual Setup” which is advanced.

  5. Just enter the details requested by Clickfunnels afterwards, and follow the instructions they provide.


Technically NOPE, you don’t need to have a domain name (like in order to publish or even promote your Clickfunnels’ funnel or landing page, since Clickfunnels automatically assigns you a free subdomain that you can use directly, without the need to any extra configuration.

But taking it from a performance, psychology perspective, People tend to trust domain names (especially short ones) compared to the long domains or free-subdomains.

And if you are one of those focusing on SEO to drive traffic, then a root domain is a MUST.

You can find more insightful information about how a domain name can affect your business on this wiki article by @yassine: