Documentation for Proofy


Is there any documentation available about how to configure proofy? Is turning it on the only required configuration?

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Tutorials are being made :slight_smile: but yeah same concept applies to all Apps.

Each app has two set of settings:

  1. Account level settings under /Apps
    Those control how the app behaves on all your connected funnels.

  2. Funnel level settings under Funnel > Settings > Apps
    Used to control how the app behaves on each funnel.

Some apps like Facebook Pixel, PayPal Plugin (older version), Fancify, Fancy CC… Can be configured from within the account level and should work just fine.

While others like PayPal App v2, Proofy will require funnel level configuration.

In both cases all apps, must be turned on on both your entire account, and on your specific funnels.

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