Does anyone uses Oberlo + Shopify + Funnelish + Clickfunnels?


I wanted to use clickfunnels with shopify in combination with oberlo to fullfill the orders. Does anyone uses the same method for dropshipping or a similar solution?

Because it seems that oberlo doesn`t import the orders which are made with clickfunnels into shopify

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Hi @Christoph

install the shopify integration on clickfunnels… it should reflect your orders on shopify store…

Don’t use the clickfunnels shopify app. It isn’t working correctly. You should use the apptrends app instead. Its much better and you can do more with it anyways,.

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Thank you for your answer, have you used it in combination with oberlo? Or how do you fullfil your orders? It is strange, the orders are coming through but are not reflected in oberlo

Thank you for your answer, have you used it in combination with oberlo? Or how do you fullfil your orders?

yes, apptrends works wirh oberlo. clickfunnels own shopify app does not. because the CF app can’t connect the products in shopify correctly


Thank you, ok and what do you think about the solution clickfunnels + orderlytics + aliexpress, this will save money as we don`t need shopify and apptrends here?

Thanks again for your input

Yeah I support @Christoph here. Integrate Funnelish with Orderlytics so that sales from Paypal App V2 can go direct into Orderlytics.

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Hey @niksaev how do you integrate orderlytics with Funnelish? Also you’re integrating the Stripe orders from Clickfunnels with orderlytics as well? It sounds like a really good solution + no need to get a VA involved to do repetitive tasks.


@mfilev I wish Funnelish integrates with Orderlytics.

CF regular sales + Orderlytics is easy and they have a guide for that on their website

Thanks a lot for your answers, but I have a problem again,

It seems that the Paypal Orders which show up in funnelish dashboard don`t show up in the clickfunnels stats for that funnel, I tested everything and also upsells/downsells work, also in correct order.

When do they show up in funnel stats normal?

Were you able to solve this?

I have the same problem.

Anyone have a proper fulfillment solution yet for ClickFunnels + Funnelish + Aliexpress?

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Maybe you should try Orderlytics which is already working with Funnelish directly. Or, Synchronizing with Clickfunnels, then pushing your orders from Clickfunnels to Shopify from there you can handle them using any 3rd party app such as Oberlo…etc