Does FB Pixel On PayPal App Track Purchase Value?


Just wondering if the FB Pixel app (on Funnelish) tracks conversion values as well?

(Like the total amount in USD that was purchased)

And if it does, how can we set it up?


Yes it does!

You don’t need to do anything special, Funnelish will pull the prices and other product details (currency…etc) as needed from your Funnelish funnel…

So, As long as you have your products setup in Funnelish (even if not using any of the Payment apps) Funnelish will still declare the purchase values. :slight_smile:


I read in a related post, that Funnelish FB pixel takes care of all the sales from Stripe as well?

Does this mean I don’t need to put the FB pixel in the header code of any of my funnel steps?


Duh! :crazy_face: it does that’s the point… One App no more scripts or copy/past or guess work!

Yes you don’t need to, in fact it’s recommended to remove all pixel scripts, or pixel events you might have and let our app handle everything for you, you can still have events or custom events wherever it makes sense (maybe you want to trigger a special event that our app doesn’t trigger) you can still trigger it without having to put the Facebook Pixel in… only call the event you want… but for most use cases there is no obvious reason to use any custom events.

How does it actually happen that Funnelish takes care even of Stripe sales when there is no way to add the product ID when setting up products and that is the way to identify what product was picked and paid via Stripe (and how much was the sale worth)?

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We use data from Funnelish, So even if you’r not using PayPal you’ll need to make/create your products in Funnelish… and Funnelish will match them with those of Clickfunnels…and those all that voodoo stuff for you.

But how do we make sure it matches it to the data on CF. Should be use the exactly same name as in Clickfunnels or what?

Hmm… just make sure they are sorted in the same order as in Clickfunnels…

You can see those little numbers stuck to each funnel step and to each product as well.

Just drag your products and sort them on the same order as Clickfunnels that’s enough to match them, Name and price doesn’t need to match.

PS. In fact in many cases we were making the price on PayPal (funnelish) lower/higher depending if we want to force drive more conversions towards a gateway compared to another…
Just like an incentive thing.


Sam, for some reason my Clickfunnels and my Facebook Ads account are not reflecting my sales made through paypal. I am using the Funnelish PayPal and Facebook Pixel App. Am I forgetting to fill something out? Do I need to add anything to my clickfunnels account to reflect these sales? And, most importantly, how can I make sure that they are tracked on my facebook ads account? Optimizing ads has been impossible.