Does Funnelish PayPal app support CF Pro Tools' CF International Shipping? How do I o about setting that up?

Hello there :wave:
I have this Free + Shipping funnel in which I have a forced shipping product that is being grouped with the other products (1x + shipping or 2x + shipping or 3x + shipping) using the CF International Shipping Addon from CF Pro Tools.
I tried setting up the products on Funnelish, but I got stuck on the setup of bump products.
How do I set it up to have the integration work perfectly?
Your tips will be much appreciated!

Yep it does support that plugin, but again it depends on how you’ve set it up, as mentioned in your previous posting, I really recommend that you talk to [email protected] and get an agent to review your funnel setup and get it fixed for you, it’s free and shouldn’t take much time.

Hope that helps,

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