Does funnelish paypal work with custom domain?

I have been using funnelish paypal for more than two months, everything was working fine. Now I changed clickfunnels domain on one of my funnels. Now I don’t have Paypal checkout option anymore on that funnel, I thought I have to change funnel urls, and that’s it.

But it didn’t work…

Then I decided to remake products and it still doesn’t work. Funnelish app works perfectly on .clickfunnels domain, but I can’t make it work on my custom domain.

Does funnelish paypal app work on custom domains? I have this new extension .academy maybe there is a problem with that?

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Absolutely does! :smile:

I believe you shouldn’t have had to change your products, the problem is that you “forgot” to update your steps’ URLs in funnelish :slight_smile:

As funnelish uses URLs to track which step is which, and apparently once you changed the funnel domain that changed the URL for every step in that funnel…

Now just go ahead and use the new URL’s you have :slight_smile:

Let us know how that goes,


Problem was that I haven’t activated Paypal app. I forgot I need to activate it again after I recreate a product.

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