Dollar to Euro in the Paypal Cart

good evening I can not understand why the cart on paypal is displayed in dollars and not in euros.

How do I change the price of products from dollars to euros?

Hi @Raimondo,

The symbol you see in Funnelish (dollar sign) does not reflect your actual currency (ie. it never changes).

But for PayPal, actually you can change your currency by doing this:

  1. Open your Funnel in Funnelish.
  2. Go to Settings then PayPal Settings.
  3. Change currency to EUR instead of USD.

That’s all you have to do :wink:

Thank you very much!!!

How do it this?


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That means your Funnel (cloned funnel) has an outdated code, simply go under funnel > Settings > Head tracking code and remove the old code.

Do the same for the order form too, check it if it has any old code remove it :slight_smile:

then add the new code from your account in Funnelish.