Double credit card input fields on funnel order form using paypal plugin - help :P!

I just installed the paypal plugin on two funnels

On funnel one it works great

On funnel two, it’s showing double the input fields for credit card info and someone just told me when they hit complete purchase, nothing happened.

Any ideas how to fix it?

I’ve tried using a 2 step order form as well as removing the checkout field in the backend. Nothing worked.

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I have the same error. Somebody an idea?

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That probably means you’ve added the tracking code twice to your funnel make sure it’s only added once.

Also, a possible scenario is when multiple payment apps are enabled, eg. enabling PayPal app v2 and PayPal Plugin at the same time in the same funnel, keep only one enabled on each funnel. You can use other apps along with the PayPal app but cannot use multiple apps from the payments category on the same funnel.