Double email addresses being sent to Active Campaign, 2-step email and paypal when different

Both the paypal email used for purchases and the 2-step email entered by purchaser (when different then PP) are being sent to ActiveCampaign. The 2-step one grabs my “purchased” tag, but paypal email address doesn’t and then the contact gets my coupon email automation. Bad business after they’ve paid full price. I would help on what I’ve set up incorrectly or how I can fix this please.

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Hi @bethc45,

The Problem:

I guess you are using Clickfunnels automation to add your customers to the purchasers list right?

Clickfunnels will assign the purchase to the paying email (ie. the one assigned to your customer’s paypal account) thus any automation you fire from within Clickfunnels will only use that paying email.


I’d recommend that you simply use the Funnelish automation at the product level. It does support ActiveCampaign and it’s much easier to use.

Just while creating your automation(s) make sure that the option pointed out in the image below is checked, which tells Funnelish to use your customers’ optin emails instead of their payer email:

Matter of fact, you can create as many automations as necessary and use both emails (the optin and paying) in multiple automations.

Hope that helps, do let me know if that doesn’t answer your concern properly will be happy to assist further :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! It makes so much sense now

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