Double orders coming through

#1. DOUBLE ORDERS. I do have Apptrends installed to push orders from CF to Shopify, and I am receiving double orders when my customers are completing the payment via stripe. It shouldn’t happen because the customers didn’t pay through Paypal. How can I solve this?

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I think that’s an easy one (hopefully), Probably you are pushing your Clickfunnels orders to Funnelish, in that case you are using Funnelish automations to push both orders that are coming from Clickfunnels and orders that are made through Funnelish directly to Shopify and that’s the intended functionality from it, having your orders sync from within Funnelish directly to Shopify, without having to use an extra tool to sync them from within Clickfunnels,

Solution: Depends on your business logic, if your intended behavior is to simply track your orders in Shopify then just stop using Apptrends on Clickfunnels side and let Funnelish track both CF and Funnelish orders in Shopify for you.

Otherwise, If you want to track orders in Clickfunnels for some reason (hopefully it’s worth it), then you can do it the other way around, track all your orders (Funnelish and Clickfunnels ones) within Clickfunnels and then through Apptrends send your orders to Shopify.

Either option is fully supported by Funnelish, though I recommend that you take the easier route and just let Funnelish send your orders to Shopify without having to take your orders all the way to Clickfunnels and then rely on another tool to sync them with Shopify,

Hope that answers your question, do let me know if that isn’t what you were looking for!


@Primova_Pet_Products, are you using multi-quantity in AppTrends by chance? I’m trying to get PayPal working with my AppTrends script for multi-quantity. Help! :slight_smile:

I tried bundling in Funnelish and send it to Shopify but it didn’t work. I had everything setup but I can’t find any of my orders in Shopify. The orders can be seen only at funnelish. Is there a way for you to help me check what is wrong?

It is working now but in an odd way. It seems that all orders are pushed to Shopify at once. This is not ideal for me. In addition, the pricing of the product uses the pricing in Shopify instead of the actual price that they paid. I think this need to be changed as it makes more sense to show the pricing of what they paid instead. Thank you!

I think you’ve turned on bundling! did you?

Well there are users requesting it to be the price in Shopify and others requesting it to be the price in Clickfunnels, we are trying to figure out a middle ground :slight_smile:

YES! I am trying out bundling but the way orders are pushed to Shopify every few hours seem too long to me. I set the waiting time to be 20mins but orders are being pushed to Shopify longer than that. For the product pricing, I could probably work around by just creating the product within Shopify just for this purpose.

Is there a way to push orders to Shopify in a shorter period of time so my revenue daily won’t be that off?

Thank you!

Actually our orders bundling does push orders instantly, if you set it to 5 minutes that means exactly 5 minutes after the order it should get synced to Shopify!

If you are getting a different timing that is off than that just PM me your user account email or send it to us at [email protected] and we will look into it (could be some timezone issue or something!)

Hope that helps @Strife