*** Duplicate Entries in PayPal CSV Export File ! ***

Hey guys,

In the PayPal Order .CSV file, I am noticing MANY duplicated entries.

The person bought the product only once, but it is showing that they bought it twice or even three times in the PayPal .CSV file.

It’s really bad because I have to go back and check each entry to see that it’s okay and match it with the funnelish app - very time consuming.

You know how clickfunnels exports ONLY the orders and ONLY the successful ones.

That would really help if you guys improved this feature.


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The Excel file should only show the purchase events on the Orders list, exactly as it’s shown in the Orders tab + obviously with the customers address + products they purchased

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Hi @mfilev,

We noticed that, and we understand that it’s probably a confusion caused by our basic export process…

The issue seems to be that you don’t export the “Event” column, since our app exports all transaction events (Purchases, Purchase Attempts, and Refunds)… So for the time being make sure to export the event column as well :slight_smile:

Our export process doesn’t work like Clickfunnels’.

And by the way this is under heavy development as we speak, so you should expect some updates to it within 48h max.

Hope that helps

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