Duplicate Orders Due To Paypal V2

Hey guys, I’ve spent around ~15 hours troubleshooting my funnel, trying to figure out why I kept getting duplicate orders. After much experimentation, found the cause – Paypal V2. I verified that Paypal V1 isn’t causing this issue, just V2. V2 is set up perfectly as it was already used to take live payments on a different funnel.

Any ideas? This is time-sensitive so any detail you need, let me know. Thank you!

Hi Mark,

So you are using our PayPal App v2? if that’s the case please avoid using it since it’s being deprecated in the upcoming update. Do let us know if need further help and will guide you through,

Thanks for your response!

Yeah, V2. Can you please confirm V1 works well, and V2 is the one with issues?

Yes, PayPal Plugin app, works perfect, and we don’t recommend using V2 it shouldn’t work in most cases. PayPal Plugin app is perfectly fine for all use cases.

Hope that helps, feel free to add or ask anything else :slight_smile:


I really really appreciate your help man! All the best :slight_smile: