Duplicate Pixel ID

I have a problem with the Funnelish Facebook Pixel app. When I use “inspect element” on my webpage, I see the following error message:

[Facebook Pixel] - Duplicate Pixel ID: {REMOVED MY PIXEL ID FOR PRIVACY PURPOSE}

I see this message on all my pages inside my funnel.

Is this normal just like the fact that the Facebook pixel fires twice for some events?

Also, for some reason, the PageView event doesn’t load. All other events load correctly though.

To my understanding, I have set up the Facebook Pixel correctly in Funnelish.

Hmm That’s very normal issue, we are aware of it and it does not affect the effectiveness of the app itself :wink:

We have no idea yet why Facebook shows that error, while in fact the Facebook Pixel app only loads the pixel a bit delayed in order to protect it from “zombie” traffic…

Ok. And what about that the PageView event doesn’t load? Is that on purpose? If so, why?

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Pageview event actually, is fired every single time your page is loaded, why it’s not fired in your specific case that will need further investigation, you can PM us or share your page URL and we will check it for you :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a PM with URLs