Ecommerce Dead Trap: Winning Products

Easiest Way To Find a Winning Product?

If you’ve been into e-commerce/dropshipping for a sometime now, you’ll probably understand that the easiest way to find a winning product without spending too much money on testing everything you can find; Would be spying on your competition by simply checking what everyone is selling and start selling it too…

Some useful e-commerce spying tools can be:

  1. EcomHunt
    The only tool, that I’m certain when used 90% of time you’ll end up with a winning product. The other 10% chance is that the product maybe got saturated too fast. Give it a try I’m sure you’ll love it.

  2. Amazon Best Selling
    Amazon’s best selling category can come in handy especially when trying to find what people buy most “online”… It can be taken as an inspiration to sell “similar” items but not the “same” ones.

  3. Ebay
    It has same use as Amazon, though in fact you might end up drop shipping from ebay’s sellers… which are proven to be of better quality compared to AliExpress sellers.

  4. AliExpress Best Selling
    In case you are drop shipping from AliExpress sellers like 99% of the sellers out there… then simply use that same tool to find some new items to sell. AliExpress, is the right tool to use to find non-saturated items for sure.

  5. NicheMiner
    You have a product idea? not sure if it’s going to work! Well… simply checkout, it’s a free tool but still very effective. It can help you find all the ads that are being promoted for any given product keyword.

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That’s kind of true @Alex_Marco, big corporates are dropshipping, but that doesn’t mean the dropshipping model as many do it, finding shitty products and then promoting them heavily will make you rich, it won’t work that way, and if you’ve been lucky enough to find a winning product and make a bank with it, next few weeks of trying to find a new product will eat your profits… so the dropshipping model must evolve in order to stay competitive… especially with everyone now adays jumping into it, and companies are becoming more strict about it as well…