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Ecommerce Idea! Conditionally Forced Products on Funnelish

Hi everyone,

I’d like to conditionally force a product into a customer’s order based on the product they select to put in their order. For example, if a customer adds product 1 to their order, then product A gets forced in (and doesn’t show up in the order selector, only the order summary). If a customer adds product 2 to their order, then product B gets forced in (and doesn’t show up in the selector, only the order summary). Etc etc.

This is being used in an ecommerce funnel where the lettered products (A and B in my example above) are shipping rates and numbered products (1 and 2 in my example above) are the physical product themselves.

Customers should be able to choose whatever product they want, but not choose the shipping price as that is based on the product itself.

This would be super helpful for ecommerce funnels because customers could select different products and then the shipping amount would change based on what product was added.

Ana from Funnelish told me that this would be possible, but would require custom code. Can someone help me out with this and point me in the right direction when it comes to conditionally forcing products?

Thanks in advance!


You can certainly do that, But since it’s a very custom case you’ll need to reach out to chat support and provide the page you’ll need that to be implemented on.

Advanced custom codes like the one above are provided to advanced users, other users can post in here to get assistance or free code when possible.

Ok thank you. I will talk to the team about upgrading the plan to advanced and then work with support to get this feature coded.

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