Error On Order Form Page - Why Would it Look Like This?

I changed out the form several times. I’m using a 2 Step Order Form. At first the fancy credit card wouldn’t show up. Then, I noticed in the Manage Elements Section, Some Columns were named Order Form. So I deleted it and it made the Fancify Credit card option finally show up.

However, Now it shows all funky. Don’t know why it’s all duplicated like this:

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Update: I fixed it. The Page template I originally used was the problem. Idk why that was the issue. But I ended up using a new Order form Template with a 2 step form. It seems like it might be even better if you create your own template from scratch for order forms instead of using the CF Templates provided.

btw… your apps have been working awesome for us!

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That’s great to hear Jay, I believe that the template you used had some corrupt and/or hidden elements… generally you’ll have to clean them up whether you use Funnelish or not, since all those hidden elements will slow down your pages massively, we’ve had cases on which video, image or order form elements were hidden on templates and not used and were affecting the load time so badly.

But anyways great to hear that you managed to fix it and that you liked the Apps :wink: keep it up