Error with sandbox for paypal v2.0

I am trying to test the sandbox gateway for paypal v2.0 and it is not working.

I get an error after I click pay.

This is the error:

Why would this be? I wanted to TEST the OTO’s as well.

Also for the OTO’s since I wasn’t able to test, do you mind telling me if after CLICKING the OTO’s buttons to purchase extra products…does that redirect you to PayPal again or NEXT OTO?

Would DEFINETLY appreciate some help on this.

Hey! I have the same error but with the live gateway as well from yesterday… Waiting for reply from support :slight_smile:

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Can you guys try to hard refresh or try incognito?

@benm98 Obviously it takes to PayPal to click the ‘Pay Now’ button without having to login again, but we are trying to get reference transactions approved so we can offer them, but it’s hard for many to get reference transactions enabled for their PayPal account…

What do you mean by hard refresh?

And in regards to PayPal, the v1 works the same way so I’d rather keep using that one especially when I know that my orders are tracked in Click Funnels too.

Also does “reference transcations” mean ONE time click and in charges their PayPal account?

And if you guys get approved does it mean we get approvde too?

Does it mean we’d have to do something on our accounts to get it working?

Just curious.

Just clearing your cache for that page, CTRL+F5 in PC or Commad+reload in Mac

Yep, PayPal does NOT allow charging your customers without them approving the charge in secure PayPal page, with RT you can do that, but PayPal approves users for that manually through a very lengthy process, and I do not think dropshippers will have many chances to go through it, PayPal itself is not against it in fact it was cheering for it long ago, but it’s against fishy business models that might bring them trouble so to get approved for RT they might even ask you about your business model, how you plan to use it, etc,etc

Not really, but our hope is if we do it, we can teach you to do it too correctly, and we might be offering PayPal some guarantees on your behalf, like making sure you don’t use it unsecured or scam ppl or something else, PayPal is a picky company when it comes to their consumers…

Yep for sure, and it’s not easy trust me :smile:

Generally, don’t put so many hopes on it, your conversion rates won’t suddenly sky rocket because of it, perhaps will just get some accidental sales because of it, of clients hitting Yes button thinking it’s NO, but it will certainly increase disputes for sure…