Facebook ads and funnelish

i see double purchase fired when i use funnelish in my funnel , how i can solve it ?


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That probably means you have pixel codes added manually added to your funnel, or perhaps added the Funnelish tracking code twice to your funnel, or even in rare cases you are firing the pixel using Google tag manager…

Do check your pages for any pixel codes pr pixel events and remove them, also check Facebook Pixel Analytics tool it will guide you to the exact page the double purchases are fired from…

Hope that was helpful

i really add all fb pixels manually , and add funnelish code also, but in funnelish apps i see facebook pixel and it turned off so why it count events , i add funnelish code to my store for only have the paypal with credit card ,
how i can solve this problem plz

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I do not understand what you mean @alimorri,

When you use our Facebook Pixel app you have to get rid of all “pixel codes” from your funnel,

Purchases, Leads, AddToCart…etc all of it will be tracked for you automatically without any codes :slight_smile: