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Facebook is not tracking my purchase despite the token is active


FB is not tracking the two purchases you can see here:

Despite on Funnelish they are present. You can see it here:

And my token for Facebook Conversion API is correctly activated.

Could you please teel me if I should need to do other steps on funnelish or on my FB BM in order to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot to anyone,


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Hi @sr03 ,

Go to your Events Manager > (your pixel) > Overview > Purchases > Recent Activities.

See if your purchases are shown there, if they are not then the Access token is wrong or the domain is not whitelisted/verified in Facebook.

If the purchases are tracked properly in Events Manager then there is nothing else you need to do, perhaps it’s just a delay from FB ads manager which is very frequent thing.

Thank you! From there I can see everything.

But honestly I don’t understand how is it possible that from the Ads Manager it’s not visible.

It’s pretty frustrating.

Do you know if is there a way to make them “speaking” each other?

Because in this case it doesn’t seem to be a delay since now some days are gone from the events.