Facebook Pixel app not firing the right events

My funnel has 4 steps…

Step 1 is referred to as a “Sales Page” in Click Funnels, and on this page I have my product description and the “BUY NOW” button. In Funnelish, this is also my first step, and it is added as a “Optin” type because there’s no “Sales Page” type in Funnelish.

Step 2 is my “Order Form” in Click Funnels, and it’s also added in Funnelish as my 2nd step as an “Order form” type.

Step 3 is my “OTO Page” in Click Funnels; added as an “OTO Upsell” in Funnelish on step 3.

Step 4 is my Order Confirmation page, and in Funnelish it’s my step 4 and a “Thank You page” type.

I’ve double-checked that the URLs are correct in the Funnelish funnel set up. When I visit each page in Chrome, and I use the Facebook Pixel helper extension, here are the events that are firing on each page:

Step 1 (my product sales page) shows the following events: “ViewContent” & “CompleteRegistration”, and a 3rd item that says “Microdata Automatically Detected”. So of course, this is wrong because “CompleteRegistration” should only fire on the “Thank you page” on Step 4 according to other threads I’ve read here.

Step 2 (my order form page) only shows 1 event: “ViewContent”, and also the same message about Microdata.

Step 3 (OTO page) only shows “ViewContent” and the Microdata message, too.

Lastly, Step 4 (order confirmation page) shows “ViewContent” and “CompleteRegistration” and the same Microdata message.

Not sure why it’s all mixed up… how can we fix it? Thanks.

Update… I changed my Order Form to have a 2-step order process, and now it’s firing “ViewContent” when the page loads… that’s an improvement :slight_smile:

Strange… after changing to a 2-step order, steps 2, 3 and 4 are now firing all of the right events… step 1 is still wrong, so I will try changing it from Optin to “other” in Funnelish…

Changed to “Other” page type… still firing “CompleteRegistration” on my first step…

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hmm… that’s awkward, are you by any chance using a Thank you page as your optin page, because that event “CompleteRegistration” is triggered only at the end of your funnel, not at the beginning, also our Facebook Pixel app works very fine on non-2 step order forms as well…

Going to send a PM…

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I am going to PM you my product page… maybe as a first step you can verify for yourself that the wrong events are firing?


Hi @ugcrew,

You were right, CompleteRegistration event was getting fired on Optin pages as well, we got that fixed now :slight_smile: thank you for letting us know and cooperating to fix it,

If you come across other issues, bugs or have any feature requests feel free to let us know,

Thank you again,


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