Facebook Pixel App Showing Incorrect Purchase Conversion Value?


When I look on Facebook the column “Website Purchase Conversion” is showing the incorrect value. It’s actually showing exactly 2x the correct conversion value for the first item in my funnel. I believe this is due to the fact that the pixel is firing twice. The reason I believe this is because when I go to my check out page it alerts me that my that the pixel on the page is firing twice.

Also, the conversion value on Facebook is not showing when someone bought a upsell item as well. It’s just recording the amount for when someone bought the initial item.

Has anyone else experience this and does anyone know of any fixes? I follwed the setup guide exactly

  • Turn on FB Pixel App In Funnelish
  • Enter in FB Pixel in Funnelish
  • Enter FB Pixel Code into header section of the Funnel in Clickfunnels


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Hi @ParkerKnight,

Can you PM us your Order form and OTO URLs, also have you checked that you don’t have any extra pixel codes left in your funnel head or step head?