Facebook Pixel + Funnelish

Anyone here can give me a solid, comprehensive how to install Facebook pixel & funnelish into Clickfunnel?

Thanks in advance

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Very easy one, The Funnelish Facebook Pixel app does not require any setup at all, all you have to do is as follows:

  1. Remove all pixel tracking codes from your funnel “If you have had added them before” (including the head tracking code and the event codes fbq().

  2. Turn on the Facebook Pixel app under /Apps and under Funnel Apps.

  3. Provide your pixel ID(s) under Funnel Apps > Facebook Pixel. (you can provide multiple pixels if necessary).

  4. Voila! you do not need to do anything else it will automatically trigger events for you including Purchases with purchase value, and currency for all purchases including order bumps and OTOs, Add To Cart and Lead whenever someone opts into your funnel at any stage, PageView, and ViewContent and then CompleteRegistration when a customer lands on the last Thank you page step of your funnel.

You may also be interested in firing custom events on the pixel app as well, check this article: Firing custom pixel events using the Facebook Pixel App (in Clickfunnels)? (it is not needed, only in case you want to fire custom events for some reason)

Thanks. Do I need to keep the code funnelish gave me when i create a new funnel?

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Of course, that’s the only code required to use any of the Funnelish apps :slight_smile:

what if I want to add additional tracking event to a specific page?

Yes you can still do that, using something like this: Firing custom pixel events using the Facebook Pixel App (in Clickfunnels)?