Facebook pixel issue

Hi I have install the facebook app but its simply not working its not showing up on the pixel helper when i load my pages, please advise how to fix this
thank you


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Hi @mobiteky_geek,

Did you enable the app on both your account Apps and on your funnel apps?

Also Facebook pixel will only get loaded on the steps that were added to Funnelish…

Other than that please PM me your page URL in which it’s not loaded and I’ll assist you through :slight_smile:

Hi Samantha,

when you say account Apps are you referring on the clickfunnel side
and funnel apps i assume you are referring on funelish (yes on this one its On)

Also Facebook pixel will only get loaded on the steps that were added to Funnelish (so if i want it to count my presale page as view content, i need to add this step in my funnelish) will it automatically see this as view content …

let me know, thank you

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Yes, I was referring to Funnelish Apps :slight_smile:

And for Funnelish it’s encouraged to add every page you have, if you don’t know what type of page is it then use “Other” tho presale pages, that can have optin fields better select them as “Optin page” in Funnelish.

Adding your pages, allows you to get all data charged in your pixel, so that you can build much stronger audiences, in optin pages, optins are counted as Leads or AddToCarts :slight_smile: just in case you need to build an audience from your drop offs and retarget them :slight_smile: or exclude them …etc

Hope that helps…

Hi Samantha,

thank you , so now its working but its giving me this error message: The Facebook pixel activated 2 times on this web page, which can cause errors in your event tracking…

please advise how to fix this

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Hello @mobiteky_geek,

Just ignore that warning for now, we are aware of it, and it doesn’t seem to cause any problems only perhaps due to the delayed loading of the pixel :slight_smile: other than that all your events should get tracked properly…

Hope that helps,

Hi thank you so much for the help it works good now
will it show double conversions in facebook ads manager due to it counting the pixel twice on the page…

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Nope it won’t :wink: If you notice any issues just let us know :slight_smile: