Facebook pixel not registering add to cart on order page

###Plugin/Functionality Concerned
FB Pixel

###Issue Description
The add to cart event is not fired on an order page

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That’s interesting @SubZero, can you PM me the order form link.

Also keep in mind few facts about the Facebook Pixel:

  1. If there is an optin (like optin form or two step order form’s first optin step).
    The Facebook Pixel app will always fire a Lead event, but if you select to fire an Add To Cart event as well it will be fired along the Lead one. (you can select that under the Funnel app’s settings).

  2. For a page order form (non-two step order form)
    The app will only fire a Purchase event (even if you use the same page as an optin page) as the app assumes that you’ve done the Lead capturing or Add to cart event in another step… which is the logical thing to do.

If none of the above is the case, I’m intrigued to know more about your case let us know more and we will get it sorted out like we usually do hh.