Facebook pixel questions


So this Facebook pixel thing. I’ve installed it enabled it, funnel wise and global wise (only have one funnel).

Nothing was working, even gave it an hour to get it to work, maybe it takes a while for it to start working.

I followed the tutorial and removes all script stuff from my funnel.

What do you suggest I do?

Also, I have two confirmation pages. One for Stripe Card payments and one for PayPal payments.

If I get this to work, does it mean the pixel will only fire on the PayPal confirmation (PayPal confirmation is the step in funnelish)? Does that mean I have to add two confirmation pages in the funnelish funnel setup if the pixel works?

I am just thinking of doing this manual and adding in the delay manually too.

Would definitely appreciate some resources or the actual code on how I can delay events without the use of the app since it looks like it’s not working.

hmm You don’t need to wait one hour, only rare cases lately had their funnel changes being delayed in Clickfunnels it has nothing to do with Funnelish apps themselves, but rather all their Funnel changes edits, modifications, adding scripts or anything…etc

I suggest you provide the link to that order form and I’ll check it for you, though the Facebook Pixel app, is one of the easiest to setup, it’s only a matter of enabling it in your account and in your funnel and that’s it.

That shouldn’t affect how it works, both Stripe (Credit Card in general) and PayPal sales are tracked…

hmm interesting I believe you have to, as our apps will not be loaded if they don’t know which page to load in :slight_smile: we can’t simply load the apps everywhere…

It does work, for codes and stuff you need to be more specific, but our app has been proven to work just fine, and in fact it’s way better than anything you can do in code you won’t get redundant values, double events…etc and if there is an issue or a bug, but let us know about it and cooperate with us to get it solved and everyone gets the update to their account instantly without having to change their funnels manually assuming that’s possible in the first place.

Hey benm98, I had the exact same issue, and it turned out to be a corrupt Click Funnels funnel that was shared with me. I could not get ANY Facebook events to fire, nor could I get any other plugins from Funnelish to load… I manually re-created my funnel, being careful not to copy any elements from the ‘corrupt’ funnel, and voila.

You might want to try that if you’ve run out of other things to try.

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Good point @ugcrew :+1:

That can also be the case

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Were you not able to get the pixel fires even after you installed them manually? I installed everything manually and everything triggers. Its just that with the app it does not.

Well I did the “simple” setup. Yet no trigger.

I don’t understand why it wouldn’t fire.

Also in regard to the code, I did find the code to delay the firing of pixels. I was able to install, the complete registration and add to cart which is what I need.

I would use the app but doesn’t seem to be working. I have all the funnel steps installed since I checked my paypal integration and the products and the right price show up and I’d doubt that its got anything to do with my funnel set up in funnelish.

I did delete everything related to facebook pixel, got my pixel id, placed it in both places and enabled it in both places and still nothing.

I don’t see why it would do this.

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Can you please share the page(s) where you got that issue and see how to help

I didn’t bother setting it up manually… can’t say, sorry.

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