Facebook Pixel Tracking wrong Purchase Value

The Facebook Pixel App is over-inflating the Purchase Value. Where customers have bought for $50 for example it shows $200 in purchases which is not true.

How can this be fixed?

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Can you try the pixel helper, because it’s not a single case by case issue, I mean it could be that FB inflated the value or double fired the pixel (which happens sometimes).

Or, if it happens a lot, then do you have any custom pixel code in your funnel or funnel steps? check them for any custom pixel code that might be firing without you knowing, but again the Facebook Pixel helper should be more than enough…

Hey @samlee I checked and it does not double fire the pixel.

The number of purchases is always correct but it is just the value of each purchase that gets inflated.

Can you look into it as it makes it very hard for us to track ROAS in FB like this.

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Ok, PM us the URL of that page where the value is fluctuated