Facebook pixel wrong purchase value

Hi team,

I’m using the funnelish facebook pixel app and it seems to track events correctly, but the purchase value is way off.

I’ve had two purchases and both events were recorded, but not the value.

Order 1: Initial offer + order bum & OTO1 = $98.85
Reported fb purchase value: $9.95 (this is the price of my order bump)

Order 2: Initial offer = $63.95
Reported fb purchase value: $0.01

Any ideas what the culprit could be?

Hmm, sometimes there are delays in FB reporting the correct values and some other times it may be off on its own, though I recommend first making some test purchases yourself and double check the Facebook Pixel Helper, if it reports any wrong values we can look into the roots of the problem :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m having the same issue. Seems like it’s one behind. The last fire I had was the purchase before the one for that price. Seems weird.

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Have you all looked into this any further? I’m getting the same thing.

got the same issues. pixel being WAY off sometimes (purchase conversion value).