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Failed to sync order to shopify

Hi Yassine,

Recently, we found that some orders cannot be synced to the shopify site, but their email are fine. Many customers have complained. Please help us to find out the reasons. We need your help, thank you.

Best Regards,

After the use and investigation of multiple funnelish accounts, the cause of the problem was found out. The scene is as follows:

  1. Add products A, B, C and set the link to products AA, BB, CC on shopify
  2. Modify the checkout page, in order to display the products, the order of the products has been re-adjusted to C, B, A
  3. At this time, the relationship between C and A of the products CC and AA on shopify is lost.

After losing the relationship, the order cannot be synchronized to shopify, this bug needs to be fixed