Fancify App Order Summary Total Shown Wrong

Hello Samlee,
Since installing the paypal plug in my total order value never shops up correctly, as you can see in the picture at the bottom. Do you know how to fix this? It should just be 29,95
Kind regards,
Daan Dekker

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Hi @DaanDekker,

So first of all, I moved your question into a separate topic, since it wasn’t relevant to the thread it was posted in :slight_smile:

As for the total, that’s not because of any of our payment apps! The only app that does the order summary total is Fancify.

Are you using Fancify? If you are I believe that issue you got that was supposedly fixed some days ago!

If not, then maybe you’re using something else that’s causing the problem, in either case feel free to share your order form link, I’ll be happy to review it for you.

Hello Samlee,
Yes I am using fancify as well and that screenshot was taken just a few minutes ago.
This is the link:
Thanks for your time!
Kind regards,
Daan Dekker

I don’t really think you got Fancify enabled in that page!

Also for the time being (till next update) PayPal App Multi-Quantity checkout can’t work with total summary of Fancify… which requires you to hide the total summary from within Fancify app settings. (just for now at least).

Other than that seems all good, I’ll keep you updated once we have a fix rolled out for the Total Summary and Multi quantity mis calculation bug