Fancify not working

fancify is on in my apps, on in the funnel.
the highlight and tags are not showing.

just noticed it is also adding up all of the items on the page for the total and not adjusting…

Can you try opening your product on Funnelish, and adjusting its highlighting properties and then save changes.

Hmm! Not adjusting what? can you please share some screenshots :slight_smile:

i turned off fancify because its an active funnel.
the total at the bottom of the screen was a static total of all product options listed.

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Interesting, Can you tell me which checkout option you had (Single checkout, multi-quantity or multi-checkout), and which payment app?

are those new options?
i had paypal and fancify only

i still dont know what those options are. followed the video for integrating paypal into my funnel. have it active on another funnel working fine.

@gunco, can you please PM me the link to your order form with the issue or share it publicly if needed.

I guess you probably didn’t activate the right app under Funnel > Apps? check that and make sure PayPal Plugin & Fancify are both active and everything else (you don’t use) inactive.

Hope that helps