Fancy credit card & Paypal App V2 Form look bad/strange for BlueSnap

Since today the credit card form and paypal option on our order form look very bad/buggy.

Attached is a screenshot that shows it.

How can we get this fixed?

This actually happens because we want to use BlueSnap as our credit card processor.

When using Stripe (as a test) it looks fine.

Shouldn’t Funnelish work properly with all Payment Processors Clickfunnels has to offer.

Can we get a fix for this asap as I simply doesn’t allow us to take neither Credit Card payments nor Paypal payments (nobody will pay with a form looking like this!).

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We are aware of that @niksaev and we are working on it…

Will notify you as soon as we have rolled out an update for that issue.

Really disappointed to hear your code does not work properly as actually Bluesnap was recommended as a dropshipping friendly payment gateway by @samlee in this thread Best Payment Processor For Dropshipping Through ClickFunnels

Also I did contact Clickfunnels support as well and they told me nothing changes on their end when the payment processor changes from Stripe to BlueSnap.

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hmm… Actually, that article was written before we started Funnelish Apps I believe.

We plan to support it, and if you are willing to cooperate while we support it we can waive your account billing in return for providing us with testing results and a testing funnel…

At funnelish, we tried to apply to Bluesnap but we received an awfully formatted document with their fees which looked crazy and way expensive compared to Stripe and PayPal…

Our company built a good reputation at Stripe, and that allowed us to get way fewer failed transactions, plus we use PayPal (no brainer) which helps with less trusted funnels.

Well… Yeah! they should say that because at Clickfunnels end it’s the same! but technicalities are what differs after All Funnelish is a 3rd party software (from CF perspective) which means they won’t provide any support for it…

But as said again, We are happy to have you demo our bluesnap changes, we are currently busy with an update, but after this one I’m sure we’ll be able to tackle your issue as well :slight_smile: in return we’ll waive your billing :wink:

Hope that helps, and feel free to provide samples or anything you feel can help to impress you :stuck_out_tongue:

PM’ed the details so that we can discuss things in private.

Hello @yassine I PM’ed you some details. Please get back to me when you can.

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Any update on this being worked on?

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Hi @niksaev :slight_smile:
Sorry for the long wait, things been intense lately… You can expect it on our next update roll-out this weekend


Hopefully it works flawlessly.

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Hey @niksaev, Can u please make sure to send me the sample blue snap link…

The one u sent me previously doesn’t seem to use Bluesnap?!

Hi @yassine please check that URL again. I’ve returned the test bluesnap integraiton back.