Fancy Credit Card Plugin Double Date and CVC Fields


I have installed Fancy Credit card at both the account and funnel levels. I am using a 2 step order form in my ClickFunnels funnel.

However, on the order form field, it is creating 2 MM/YY and 2 CVC fields. (Screenshot attached)

Also, the card preview feature is not displaying for me either even though I made sure to enable it at the account settings level.

How can I fix these 2 problems?

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Hi @Chris_Heckman,

Do you have by any chance to order forms on the same page? maybe one hidden that’s causing the problems! Most of our apps that integrate with order forms do not support such setup… keep only a single order form per page.

Also I couldn’t see any screenshot! :), you can past the whole screenshot in the editing box and it will get uploaded automatically… or use the upload button image.