FB conversion pixel not tracking properly using Pixel app

Any tips on getting the conversion pixel to track properly in my funnel?

Currently, I have the Facebook pixel app installed and active on my funnel (and I have the pixel ID at both the account and funnel level).

I have the funnelish javascript code installed in click funnels

AND I already had the standard Facebook pixel code direct into click funnels as well.

I also use the paypal funnelish plugin (which was having issues earlier in the week and is now fixed), BUT the issue of the conversion tracking has gotten WORSE around that same time,.

So my issue is massive UNDER counting of conversions - aka yesterday there were 9 sales, and FB showed 2.

And the conversions that do show in my ads manager are closer in number to the stripe number of stripe payments (aka the ones not going through the funnelish paypal app, which was having issues anyway).

I don’t know if these things are related, but its making it impossible to run facebook ads right now.

And it’s not just the # of conversions not showing, the conversion amounts and ROAS are also nowhere near correct.

Just for an example.

Yesterday - total sales 9 (8 paypal, one stripe) - purchase conversion value - $753
Shown in ads manager - Conversions 2 - value $226

Please help!

Hello, Anyone?? bump

Hi @katemcj,

that’s the exact problem, you don’t need to add any pixel codes into your funnel at all, just add the pixel ID (number) to your Funnelish app and that’s it…

I think if you remove all extra codes from your funnel it should work absolutely fine,

Also, in case that doesn’t solve the problem feel free to contact us at [email protected] to schedule a call with someone on our team to review your funnel for free, or just send us the links to the funnel steps and we’ll take it from there,

Hope that helps, and very sorry for the delayed reply…