FB pixel not firing purchase nor purchase value

Hi, can someone help me find out why my FB PX is not firing any purchase nor purchase value as I installed it properly (activate FB app both on my funnel and App and I copy/pasted code into clickfunnel Head…

When checking with FB pixel helper, does not show purchase tracking on any of my funnel pages…

Thank you for your help.

Best regards.


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Hey Elena,

Does it show other events tracked or not as well too?

Also when it comes to Purchases they are fired on the next step of the funnel, meaning if a customer buys on the Order Form, then once they land on the next OTO or Thank you page then the Purchase pixel will get fired, otherwise it wont…

it tracks view content, confirmation

I removed the app now and added codes by myself… :frowning:

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Why so the App is tested well, in production environment and it will track everything for you at much better accuracy… with codes just by you visiting the preview links the pixel will fire over and over again till your whole audiences data is ruined.

Hi Samantha,

Thank for your reply.

You say you app works well, but it does not in my funnel and nobody can tell me why. You don’t tell me why it does not fire purchases in my funnel… When you can help me, I will activate you FB app again but for now, I deactivated it, pity…

Can you really help find why it did not fire purchase nor purchase value?? Thanks

Hi Samantha,

I have reactivated your FB app and still does not work properly for purchase tracking.

None of my OTO pages shows purchase tracking while testing with FB pixel helper. Only events tracked are Page View, View Content and Microdata Automatically detected. That’s all.

Where are the purchase events and value tracked??

I have added manually purchase tracking code in my first OTO page but not sure it won’t fire badly with you app… now purchase event shows but purchase value is very basic, not really related to all my purchase otpions…

Hi Samantha,

I have found that when my customers pay with paypal, they are not AUTOMATICALLY redirected to my OTO page!! This is a big bug as:

  1. my FB pixel fires purchase on OTO page, for the time being none of my paypal customers were fired
  2. They don’t see my funnel, big big loss of sale!!

Thanks for helping.