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FB purchases OVER REPORTING ever since Funnelish pixel update

Hey guys been trying to get in touch with Funnelish for a week or so regarding this issue but unfortunately, no luck.

About 2 weeks ago out of nowhere , our tracking on FB began over reporting big time across multiple ad accounts, and we’re trying to figure out why…

We have a feeling its related to recent Funnelish fb pixel updates, since nothing else has been changed or updated on our end. Does anyone have any troubleshooting steps or recommendations on how to fix this issue.


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Hi Eric, I have replied back to schedule a zoom call to see your events manager setup… as we cannot see that from our end.

Normally, we ask our users to go through their Events Manager and check their Event’s recent activities to see which url the duplicates are coming from, usually you might find out that they are coming from Shopify: Sometimes if you sync orders from Funnelish to Shopify, Shopify will then trigger the Purchase event again even though the purchase didn’t take place in Shopify itself originally. However, it could be anything else, only checking the Events Manager thoroughly would help us understand what is causing the fluctuation in data reported.

Yeah i have noticed this aswell. At scale its not really issue you can just take the average from fb reporting and work off that.

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UPDATE: We only use Funnelish (no shopify or clickfunnels integrations) and we are noticing in FB events manager that FB is firing purchase events on multiple pages in our funnel… very weird. Usually purchases are just fired on Upsell 1 page.

Currently, purchases are being fired in some instances on our landing page, on our cart, on upsell 1, upsell 3 etc etc…

When we check our App settings in funnelish, everything looks fine though, its super confusing…

Anyone else experiencing this? Its making running ads hell for us right now. Funnelish is even causing Google Analytics to report purchases incorrectly…